Waste Management
With McKenna Waste and Son

Our Waste management Service

At McKenna Waste & Son, we’re about offering a complete waste management solution. That not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also helps with improving our zero waste initiative.

We embrace a total approach to waste, focusing on sustainability, environmental protection, and innovative waste treatment. We advocate for responsible waste disposal & material segregation, ensuring our practices align with our commitment to a greener planet.

Our services are designed to make waste management efficient, sustainable, and compliant, aligning with the goals of our commercial clients who prioritise both project efficiency and environmental responsibility.

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Picking the right skip sizes

When considering a project that generates a substantial amount of rubbish, the choice of skip size and the arrangement for skip delivery is crucial. A reliable skip rental from a reputable skip company not only facilitates the efficient collection and disposal of waste but also ensures compliance with regulations through the necessary skip permit.

Beyond debris removal, this process underscores a commitment to recycling and sustainability. Appropriate sorting of waste into appropriate bins mimises the amount sent to landfill, protecting the environment.

Moreover, the skip cost reflects not just the physical disposal but also the environmental stewardship it represents, especially important in demolition projects where the volume of waste can be significant.

McKenna Skip Hire & Son offers a selection of waste disposal solutions whilst also being compliant

Here at McKenna Skip Hire, we take the environment’s future very seriously. As well as offering a reliable, fast and affordable Skip Hire service, we make sure that all of our activities are carried out to the industry standard requirements.


On behalf of the Men's Shed Cwm Gwendraeth, thanks for a brilliant job with the skip hire. Excellent service all round.

Annie Jones

I have hired a skip from McKenna on a number of occasions over the last 2 or 3 years and they have been first class every time. Local family run business, friendly and reliable and also very competitively priced. A hassle-free experience every time so look no further and call them today to see for yourself. Fully recommended.

Andrew Bowen

I have used McKenna Skips many times, always on schedule and always a professional attitude. Highly Recommended.

Wayne Jones

Grateful to be donated a skip hire from McKenna for use at our Carnival next week. Community spirit and pulling together at its best. Diolch.


Joanne Anderson